Sapphire Collection

A collection of Fine Jewellery containing precious Sapphires and Sapphire Gemstones
Unheated 2.15ct Violet Sapphire
2.23CTS Unheated Purple Sapphire
1.50CTS Unheated Violet Sapphire
2.15CTS Unheated Purple Sapphire
1.54CTS Unheated Violet Sapphire
1.25CTS Unheated Lavender Sapphire
1.29CTS Unheated Pear Violet Sapphire Pair
1.38CTS Unheated Light Purple Sapphire
1.96CTS Unheated Violet Sapphire
0.82CTS Violet Sapphire
3.09CT Unheated Purple Sapphire Heart