Imperial Emerald Diamond Multiwear Necklace

Imperial Emerald Diamond Multiwear Necklace


Set in 18-karat gold with pops of lush green emeralds on white diamonds, this multi-wear necklace is a sight to behold. With art-deco influences and royalty in mind, this necklace can be deconstructed into a simple brooch/pendant, choker and two bracelets for different occasions. 

18KW Emerald Diamond Necklace 

1 Emerald-0.92CTS

15 Emeralds-5.35CTS

1653 Diamonds - 12.07CTS

48 Baguette diamonds-1.67CTS


Full Necklace Length: 28 Inches

Brooch/Pendant Length: 3 Inches

Bracelet Lengths: 7 Inches

Choker Length: 14 Inches

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