Ruby - July Birthstone

Ruby - July Birthstone

Ruby - The Queen of all Gemstone

Rubies symbolize power and protection. It's one of the most sought after gemstone, making it the highest priced gemstone per carat.

Ruby engagement rings symbolise love and passion. It is believed a ruby engagement ring will nurture love and passion within a relationship and keep the marriage strong.  Ruby is a popular choice for engagement ring as it measures 9 on the MOH scale for harness making it a durable stone for daily wear. 

Ruby Ring

Rubies can be found all over the world. The most sought after rubies are from Burma, followed by Africa. Rubies with deep-hues , Pigeon blood rubies are valued higher, like with every color gemstone 80% of the gem prices is determined by the color. 

Most rubies comes with inclusions, some more visible than the rest. Inclusions are what make gemstones unqiue as no two gemstones can have the same inclusions at the same spot. 

Are you looking for a ruby jewellery to add to your collection or for investment? do make an appointment with us to find out more! You can also shop our Ruby collection online!


Ruby Necklace

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