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Our Story

At Benny’s Gems Creations, we pride ourselves as a local Singapore company that focuses on bespoke jewellery. We create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that are customized to match our client’s taste and style. We are committed to creating jewellery that is timeless and can be treasured as heirlooms.

A Sparkling Legacy: Benny

Our story emanates from the profound passion and unparalleled expertise of our founder, Benny, a seasoned GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gemologist. With a myriad of years illuminating his journey in the gem and jewelry world, Benny has not only fostered a deep understanding of the intricate art and science behind every gemstone but has also ingeniously melded traditional and contemporary design elements to craft timeless pieces.

After several years of working in the jewellery retail industry, our founder, Benny Lum, realized that he wanted to make his clients happier with the proper service that they deserve. In addition, he also had a great interest in designing jewellery. Armed with this vision for his company, and his creative interest in design, he borrowed money from his dad and went on to pursue a course in GIA in the USA.

In 1993, he started his own company, which has since become one of the leading crafters of bespoke jewellery in Singapore. Benny Lum has been the heart and soul of Benny’s Gems Creations since it was established .Since then, Benny’s Gems Creations has become one of the leading crafters of bespoke jewellery in Singapore. Our customers, both local and international, turn to us for a wide range of products and services ranging from the purchase of loose diamonds and gem, to creating personalised bespoke jewellery pieces, to resetting of heirloom gems and purchasing wedding bands.

To Benny Lum, there is a story behind every jewellery piece created. It is a work of art to you and to him.

A Radiant Joining: Isabelle

In 2015, our sparkle was magnified by an invaluable addition to the team and legacy: Benny’s eldest daughter, Isabelle. With a robust academic background, featuring a double major in Psychology and Marketing, and a prolific career path in sales and HR, Isabelle manifested a profound niche in understanding people, their aspirations, and their stories.

However, her heart found a more profound calling – being a meaningful part of people’s joyous occasions and forging eternal memories through jewelry. Thus, she embraced a new path, undertaking a GIA course to become an accredited jewelry professional and exploring the depths of design through specialized courses.

Under the nurturing mentorship of her father, Isabelle has since masterfully amalgamated her profound understanding of people and her skilled craftsmanship to help countless clients realize their dreams of owning unparalleled jewelry pieces.

Crafting Your Dreams into Reality

Together, Benny and Isabelle have crafted not just jewelry but moments, memories, and legacies. With Benny’s incomparable expertise as a GIA gemologist and Isabelle’s nuanced approach, stemming from her diverse professional and academic background, we at Benny's Gems promise a distinct and deeply personal experience in your jewelry acquisition journey.

With our esteemed team of sagacious designers and master craftsmen, we are not just creating jewelry; we are crafting legacies, forging connections, and bringing your dreams to tangible reality. We fervently believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story, your story, and we are devoted to ensuring that it is as splendid and unique as you are.

Journey with Us

We invite you to be a part of our story, as we become a cherished chapter in yours. Together, let’s craft not just jewelry, but a timeless heirloom that will traverse through your generations, immortalizing your moments and stories in the splendid glow of our creations.

Welcome to Benny's Gems where your dreams are meticulously crafted into eternal brilliance