Gem Stone Engagement Rings

Gem Stone Engagement Rings

Gem Stone Engagement Rings

In recent years, there’s been an increase in demand for gemstone engagement rings.In our recent poll we did with our followers, more than 70% of the ladies would prefer a colored stone engagement ring than a diamond ring!

More ladies are desiring to own something unique, hence the increase in demand for gemstone engagement rings. Every colored gem is unique , no 2 gem stones are alike! Celebrities are also showing off their colored stone engagement rings! Here are some of our more popular colored stone engagement rings.


Ranking no 1 is the Sapphire! Sapphire is the most popular gemstone. Sapphire engagement rings are the most popular as they have a rating of 9 on the Mohs Scale , making it a durable stone, hence a popular choice for daily wear.

Sapphire Diamond Ringsapphire diamond halo ring


Sapphires comes in a variety of color. Pink sapphire is another favourite choice.The allure of pink sapphires lies in their captivating color. The hue is inherently associated with romance, love, and femininity, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring. These sapphires can vary greatly in shade—from a soft, blush pink to a rich, hot pink—each offering its own unique charm. This range of tones ensures that there's a pink sapphire to suit any individual's preference.

Pink Sapphire halo Diamond Ring



Next on our list are the lovely red rubies!. Rubies engagement rings are simply gorgeous!  Rubies, known for their vibrant red color, are symbols of passion and romance, making them a fitting choice for an engagement ring. The intense color of a ruby is often associated with strong emotions, which makes a strong statement about the depth of love between partners.



Lets not forget the beautiful green emerald! Although its a soft stone, there are some who cant resist choosing it as a engagement ring!  Emeralds are cherished for their lush green hue, evoking images of growth and renewal. They are a classic and sophisticated choice for an engagement ring, offering a timeless appeal. Emeralds are said to be the sacred stones of the goddess Venus, whose Godly functions encompassed love, beauty, fertility and prosperity. Hence a perfect stone for engagement ring!


Emerald halo diamond ring

In recent years we also see a trend in special colored gem stones. Here are some of the special stones.


Paraiba Tourmaline – desired for their unique and beautiful color. Paraiba is a rare neon blue to green variety . It’s also the most expensive tourmaline due to the rarity of the stone, it is estimated that for every 10,000 diamond mined, there only 1 paraiba tourmaline! The most distinctive feature of Paraiba tourmalines is their color—ranging from intense blues to vibrant greens, with a glowing fluorescence that is unmatched by other gemstones. These neon-like colors are not just rare; they're almost otherworldly, ensuring an engagement ring that is both beautiful and exceptionally unique.


Another popular stone is the padparadscha sapphire. Padparadscha sapphire is a special variety of gem corundum, featuring a delicate color that is a mixture of pink and orange – a marriage between ruby and yellow sapphire.The padparadscha sapphire is not only beautiful but also full of symbolism. Its colors have been associated with energy and passion due to the orange tones, while the pink shades evoke feelings of love and compassion. Padparadscha are very rare, hence making it popular among the couples looking for something very unique.

padparadscha sapphire




Morganite, with its warm pink to peach tones, has become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. It's a variety that belongs to the beryl family, just like emeralds. Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl. This another popular option for ladies who like the pink hues in the stone! Morganite is known as the stone of divine love. It is said to attract and maintain love, encouraging loving thoughts and actions.



Aquamarine, with its serene blue hue reminiscent of the sea, makes for a beautiful and meaningful choice for an engagement ring. This gemstone has long been associated with tranquility, harmony, and eternal youth, which are endearing attributes to symbolize the promise of a lifelong union.

Aquamarine is part of the beryl family, cousins with the emerald. Its color ranges from a light, airy blue to a deeper azure, similar to the spectrum of the ocean’s colors. This range allows for personal preference to come into play when selecting the perfect stone for an engagement ring. Its clarity is typically high, meaning it lacks the inclusions found in many other gemstones, and it can exhibit a vitreous luster that adds to its watery appearance.

aquamarine ring

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