Choosing your Wedding Bands

Choosing your Wedding Bands

The most important question here would be the budget. How much do you want to spend for a pair of wedding bands? What is a comfortable budget you would like to spend on a pair of wedding bands? 

Some of our Breuning collection:

Breuning-Basic Slim

Lady's Ring 043050 gent's Ring 043060                 

$950 for a pair in 14K 

$1350 for a pair in 18K   



Breuning- Basic Slim

 Lady's Ring 043170 / gent's Ring 043180              

$1060 for a pair in 14K     

$1360 for a pair in 18K 



Breuning- Black & White 

Lady's Ring 061010/  gent’s Ring 061020

$2300 for a pair in 14K

$2900 for a pair in 18K



Next you have to decide on the design of the wedding bands. For most ladies, they would like to match their wedding bands with their engagement ring. Thus depending on the design of the engagement ring, we can decide if the wedding band has to be a bespoke design or ready-made designs. Here at Benny's Gems, we carry a large collection of ready-made wedding bands from Germany. More than 1000 rings available!  We are also able to create bespoke design wedding bands to match your engagement rings. 

Some of our bespoke designs

Another consideration would be the material and colour of the ring. Do you prefer your rings to be made in 18K/14K/platinum/palladium? Do you prefer White/Rose/Yellow gold or a combination of both?

For couples looking for a truly unique design, you can also try out designing your own wedding bands at the comfort of your home through this link : . Here there are many different permutations which you can try out and see how the ring will look like. 

Another thing to consider would be your engraving. What would you prefer to be engraved on the rings? Your initials? Your dates or a special verse to remember? 

Do also bear in mind that most of the wedding bands would take about 2 months to make, as they are all made to order! If you need your rings urgent, do let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your timeline! Most couples would decide to get their wedding bands at least 6-8 months before the wedding. 

Fun Fact: Most of our couples do not get matching wedding bands, as the ladies prefer to match their own engagement ring! 

Looking to get your wedding bands during this circuit breaker? We are available online/ via chat on the phone. You can also drop us an email!


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