Stack Rings- How to wear them?

Stack Rings- How to wear them?


Latest trend this season – STACK RINGS

Stack rings are so popular these days as it can help to alter the look of your rings by mixing them up! You can wear them alone, or stack a few of them to create different ring designs! Want to know how you can stack them like a pro? Here are some rules you can follow:


Stack rings by the different metal color.

Do you know that its now fashionable to mix different gold colors rings together? You can wear white gold ring mix with yellow and rose gold! If you are adventurous you can even mix different color stones ring with diamond! For example, You can stack one white diamond ring with a pink sapphire ring in the middle followed by a rose gold diamond ring. If you decide to stack rings on both hands, remember to make sure they even it out. This means that you should have the same color combination on both hands.


Stack rings by their style.

You can stack rings with different style together. For example you can stack a classic half eternity round diamond band with one that is set in filigree design. One rule of thumb is that when stacking rings together you should make sure your chunky piece is in the middle while the two smaller rings are on top and below it. It’s also ok to have gap in between your stack rings, they don’t have to be perfectly stacked!


Stack Rings by Gemstones

If you are stacking rings by gemstones be sure to note that some color stones look nicer with others. Diamond stack rings are the easiest! They can be stack with almost every gemstones!. Ruby, blue sapphire and emerald are pretty stack rings to wear together! There are also multicolour gem stones stack rings which we can wear them alone or stack them with your diamond rings!




Be Bold!

As with all jewellery trend, be bold! There’s never a right or wrong! They don’t have to be perfect! Just mix them up and create your own style! There no such thing as a perfect style!



Looking for stack rings? We carry about 50 over different designs of stack rings! Still can’t find a design that you like? Let us know and we can custom made one that fit you!

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