Collector's Edition

A selected series of premium gemstones and jewelry pieces for the jewelry aficionado.
The Zambian Vision Emerald Diamond Earrings
Brilliant un-oiled Zambian Emerald Diamond Ring
Yellow Diamond Necklace
Emerald Trilogy Diamond Ring
Glamorous Pigeon's Blood Ruby Diamond Earrings
Unheated Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby Diamond Necklace
Crimson Cascade Luxe Ruby Diamond Bracelet
Ruby Skin Diamond Earrings
An Impressive Sapphire Diamond Ring
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring
Rutilated Quartz Diamond Men's Ring
2.73CTS Brazilian Paraiba
5.05CTS Unheated Yellow Sapphire
Unheated Ruby Trilogy Diamond Ring
2.73CTS Unheated Spinel
3.04CTS Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire
3.36CTS Burmese Vivid Red Spinel
Pave Emerald Diamond Pendant