Collector's Edition

A selected series of premium gemstones and jewelry pieces for the jewelry aficionado.
Brilliant Diamond Ring
Asscher Cluster Diamond Ring/Pendant
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring
Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
Brilliant Tennis Bracelet
Yellow Marquise Diamond Ring/Pendant
Galaxy Ruby Ring
Giraffe Connector Ring
Dangling Colorful Sapphire Earrings
Dangling Tsavorite Diamond Earrings
Stunning Ruby Diamond Earrings
Heart Shape Sapphire Pendant
Jade Butterfly Brooch Pendant
11.52CTS Vivid Green Muzo Emerald
11.75CTS Colombian Emerald
8.05CTS Colombian Emerald - Muzo Green
4.22CTS Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphire
8.26CTS Zambian Emerald
7.01CTS Colombian Emerald
3.09CTS Muzo Colombian Emerald
3.36CTS Burmese Vivid Red Spinel
3.14CTS Burmese Vivid Red Spinel
2.73CTS Unheated Spinel
1.86CTS Vivid Orange Red Spinel
2.73CTS Brazilian Paraiba
1.93CTS Brazilian Paraiba
6.49CTS Natural Tanzanite
33.38CTS Amethyst