The Bespoke Experience

Choosing an engagement ring is the start of a lifelong declaration of endless love. Here at Benny's Gems, we are ever ecstatic to be with you on this journey.

Whether it is a surprise or a journey that both partners are involved in, we believe that this experience is one to be remembered. 


Three Easy Steps to Create your Bespoke Engagement Ring.

1. Choosing your Gemstone.

De Beers has long been the driving force of decorating diamonds as THE stone for an engagement ring. Nowadays, people are looking to deviate from the norm and select uniquely coloured gemstones that better symbolize their love or their person. Be it a timeless diamond or a coloured gemstone, we have more than few hundred loose gems which you can choose from in-store and online. 

2. Brainstorming Ideas

Classic solitaires, halo settings, two side diamonds? More bling, less bling? Perhaps you have a ring which was passed down that you would like to refashion? Get inspired by looking up Pinterest or browse some of our past designs on Instagram! Collate your ideas and write them down! 

Click here to see some of our bespoke designs for our customers.

coloured stones ring

3. Make an Appointment

Contact us at  + 65 81827729 to book an appointment.

Bring your ideas down and let us discuss!

Our in-house designers will be here to make your dream come alive. 

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