Loose Diamonds and Gemstones

The creation of most stunning pieces of jewellery begins with beautiful diamonds and gems. We only offer the best diamonds and gems to create the finest bespoke jewellery. Benny’s Gems is a leading loose diamond importer and supplier in Singapore. Our in-house gemologists provides clients with advice and expertise on loose diamonds. Thus, guaranteeing the best price and service for all GIA certified diamonds. We have more than 1000 over loose colored gemstones in store, one of the largest collection in Singapore Store.

We have a vast and discerning network of diamond and gemstone cutters around the world, who help us to source for the finest diamonds and gemstones ethically and at affordable prices. Benny’s Gems only offers conflict-free diamonds. In addition, we only work with cutters working in fair conditions.

Bespoke Jewellery

At Benny’s Gems, you will find bespoke jewellery that is crafted specially for you. Our creative and talented team of designers will work with you to design the customized jewellery pieces. From classic solitaire rings to flamboyant necklaces, our master craftsmen create everything with the greatest attention to detail. Bespoke jewellery is designed with attention to the wearer’s comfort, their favourite choice of metal and a piece of their imagination.

Our designers together with our master craftsmen will help you create your dream jewellery that can last for generation to come.

Gems & Jewellery Resetting

A diamond is forever but taste may change. Benny’s Gems provides services to reset your diamonds and gems into new settings. Resetting jewellery pieces breathes new life into them whilst keeping its sentimental value. Our designers will work to redesign your jewellery and create a finished product that will be just as beautiful and valuable, if not more, than the original piece

We believe that though every piece of jewellery has its story, heirlooms should not live shut in a box with their stories. Jewellery should live and create its own stories in companionship with its owners.

Wedding Bands

The diamond is a timeless mark of love, and they make wedding bands special by virtue of being exclusive. A wedding band maybe simple or intricate and Benny’s Gems has something for you no matter what style you are looking for. We customize wedding bands for customers who want exclusive wedding bands.
Benny’s Gems is also the exclusive partner for Breuning and Saint Maurice who are some of the largest and most renowned crafters of wedding bands in the world. The wedding bands of Saint Maurice are crafted in Pforzheim, the traditional center of German goldsmiths. You can design and model your personal wedding ring pair with the Breuning ring designer, and we’ll deliver the same ring to you. We have few hundred designs to choose from, make an appointment now to see the different designs!