The Benny's Gems Gallery

yellow gold ring
 A beautiful ruby surrounded in brilliant diamonds and set between tapered diamonds on a yellow gold setting for a vintage mood
padparadscha sapphire ring
A gorgeous deep sunset glow Padparadscha nestled between two pear diamonds on an elegant 18K rose gold band.
spinel ring
A candy pink emerald cut spinel set in a rose gold and pear shaped diamonds on four sides to give a star burst effect.
Rose gold multi stone ring
A modern rose gold engagement ring with a pink sapphire decorated in various coloured gemstones resembling a mosaic piece.
colourstone rose gold wedding band
Matching colourstone rose gold wedding band
floral pink tourmaline ring
Embracing a lush pink tourmaline and all its flaws with rose gold foliage, adorned with pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds.
Colourful Amethyst Ring
A stunning cocktail ring with pastel gemstones surrounding a pretty lilac amethyst set in 18K rose gold.
sunburst citrine ring
A sunny orange citrine delightfully surrounded by diamonds and pear shaped peridots for a sunburst effect.
jadeite diamond crossover ring
A trendy pave bypass diamond ring featuring two lovely cabachon jadeites.
pink sapphire ring
A powerful bright pink sapphire ring sparkling with diamonds all around!
blue sapphire diamond ring
Matching sister rings with blue sapphires.
intense yellow diamond ring
An intense sunny yellow diamond surrounded with diamonds for the ultimate sparkling effect.
ruby diamond ring
Brilliant blood red ruby simply accompanied by two gorgeous cadillac diamonds.
emerald diamond ring
A fabulous emerald with two cadillac diamonds set with a different split prong setting, enhancing its sophistication. 
yellow diamond ring
A stunning sunny yellow heart diamond with excellent radiance delicately enhanced with yellow gold prongs and tapered side diamonds in a white gold band.
paraiba diamond ring
A sparkling Paraiba with a beautiful neon blue glow and two pear shaped diamonds.
black gold spinel ring
Almost industrial in style, this unique spinel ring bold red spinel and two dark grey spinels set in a black gold setting.
spinel trilogy diamond ring
A sparkling fiery spinel accompanied by two cadillac diamonds
heart diamond eternity ring
A bespoke eternity ring made purely of heart shaped diamonds to signify their everlasting eternal love.
Fancy Diamond Ring
A row of fancy shaped diamonds having a brilliant time together.
tourmaline diamond ring
Glamourously sweet! A large tourmaline in a milgrain diamond setting.
emerald diamond cocktail ring
Fancy a juicy emerald cocktail ring?
sapphire diamond cocktail ring
How about a luscious deep blue sapphire with brilliant white diamonds?
ruby diamond ring
Or do you prefer the reds?
emerald diamond ring
Lovely Colombian emeralds set with stunning Asscher cut diamonds.
sapphire ring
A versatile, multi-wear tri-stone sapphire and diamond ring.
watermelon tourmaline diamond ring
A modern touch with the unique watermelon tourmaline and elongated rows of diamonds
pear cut emerald diamonds ring pendant
An emerald diamond ring pendant fit for a queen.
18K Yellow Gold Emerald Ring
A stunning snake handcrafted in 18K yellow gold fitted with a Colombian Emerald crown.
sapphire diamond ring
A stunning sapphire set simply diamonds and little sapphires.
sapphire diamond ring
A classic Sapphire engagement ring.
toi et moi ring
Toi Et Moi ring with Paraiba and Cobalt Spinel
teal sapphire with mirrored diamond twist band
A teal sapphire set in a mirrored diamond rope band.
sapphire diamond celtic style ring
Inspired by the Celtic Cross, this showstopper features a stunning blue sapphire surrounded with tapered baguettes, round diamonds and a duo type finish.
aquamarine opal ring
A stunning cocktail ring featuring a Santa Maria blue Aquamarine and stones from our lovely customer's old jewellery.
A glamorous vintage style that brings out the beauty of our customer's sapphire.
Sapphire diamond ring
Dainty step cut sapphire in contrasting yellow gold with diamonds and bar prongs for a unique vintage look.
paraiba diamond ring
A brilliant trillion faceted Paraiba simply set on a diamond band.
unheated royal blue sapphire diamond ring
A stunning unheated Royal Blue Sapphire of 4.13CTS elegantly nestled between two emerald cut diamonds on a sparkling band.
unheated yellow sapphire ring
Timeless and elegant, a sparkling unheated yellow sapphire set in lush yellow gold.
teal sapphire men's ring
A bold men's ring featuring a beautiful deep teal sapphire on a classic signet style ring
Oval diamond ring
The brilliance of 3 carats on a contrasting yellow gold band with diamonds.

an angel's wing with black diamonds and an emerald
A meaningful gift for their daughter that will be with her forever. A gold angel's wing with black diamonds and a Colombian Emerald.
Diamond Cross Pendant
Completely iced out fancy cross.
Jade Diamond Pendant
Stunning green jade with pave diamond cap and bail.
Black Jade Diamond Pendant
Unique black disc jade with gorgeous white and black marbling featuring a green emerald and a glittering diamond decor.
tsavorite sapphire pendant
Glamorous pendant with a stunning Tsavorite surrounded with sapphires and yellow diamonds
jadeite sapphire diamond pendant
A carved jadeite encased in a gold pendant setting with diamonds and natural sapphires that resembles a natural mountainous view welcoming the autumn season.
Citrine Floral Pendant
A showstopping sunlight citrine in a blooming summer garden.
Paraiba Diamond Pendant
A stunning neon Paraiba elegantly decorated with a diamond bail and a bottom rim of diamonds.
Padparadscha Diamond Pendant
A pretty dusty rose Padparadscha simply decorated with a halo of shimmering white diamonds. 
Pearl Amethyst Pendant
Neat little drop pendant in 18K rose gold with a shiny white pearl and lavender amethysts.
Ruby Diamond Pendant
A glamorous pendant featuring a red ruby surrounded with plenty of sparkling diamonds.
Morganite Diamond Pendant
A detachable multi-wear morganite and diamond pendant for various occasions.
Sapphire Pendant
Stunning blue sapphire nestled between two rose gold flowers.
Ruby Diamond Pendant
Diamond encrusted ruby raindrops.
Diamond Pendant
A little diamond pendant for all occasions.
Padparadscha Diamond Pendant
A simple pink Padparadscha decorated with a halo of diamonds. 
padparadscha diamond pendant
Casual and simple circular pendant featuring a lovely little haloed Padparadscha.
ruby pendant
A rose gold peach-like pendant featuring a sweet little ruby and little diamonds.
multi colour gemstone paint palette pendant
Inspired by a painter's paint palette.
jadeite diamond pendant
Statement jadeite pendant made with 18KW gold and diamonds.
rose gold white gold dove pendant
For everlasting peace and happiness.
aquamarine diamond pendant
A piece of modern glamour featuring three lovely aquamarines.
paraiba diamond pendant
A sweet neon Paraiba surrounded with diamond petals.
A gemstone lover's trapiche emerald paired with an unheated sapphire surrounded in a halo of diamonds to make an elegant pendant.
ruby diamond bow brooch pendant
An elegant transformable brooch pendant with calibre cut rubies and white diamonds.
sapphire diamond koi fish brooch
A koi fish crafted in 18K white gold, decorated with blue sapphires and diamonds.
rainbow sapphire brooch
Sleek brooch made with rainbow sapphires.
candy brooches
Sweet candy brooches that bring a fun whimsical flair!
jade necklace with ruby diamond clasp
Combining a lovely jade necklace with a precious heart shaped ruby diamond clasp.
Emerald diamond necklace
A glowing emerald surrounded by a unique halo of baguette and round diamonds.
amethyst diamond necklace
Decadently saturated purple amethysts lined up with fancy cut diamonds on a lovely rose gold chain.
birthstone necklace
Birthstone jewellery has been around for centuries. Here we have a modern necklace featuring a family represented by each of their birthstones.
Pearl jade diamond pendant
An elegant pendant featuring a lush South Sea Pearl with two delicate green flower jade.

Ruby diamond earrings
Sweet pair of rubies in flight. Flanked by fancy shaped diamonds.
ruby diamond earrings
A delicate Peranakan style dangling earrings featuring open metal work and four lovely red rubies.
ballerina earrings
A delicate graceful ballerina crafted in 18K rose gold adorned with a diamond vest.
ruby diamond earrings
Glamorous chandelier earrings dripping with shimmering diamonds and pinkish rubies.
sapphire earrings
Brilliant blue sapphires stitched together with little diamonds.
sapphire diamond earrings
A diamond and sapphire chandelier earring fit for a ball.
diamond earrings
Like graceful diamond speckled sea anemones made in 18K white and black gold dancing to the under currents in the sea. 
pink tourmaline diamond earrings
A pair of darling pink tourmalines dangled by sparkling diamonds, elegant and pretty.
sugarloaf spinel diamond earrings
A pair of striking sugarloaf spinels dangled by a diamond flower. Pretty and elegant.
emerald earrings
Six stunning emeralds matched into this Art Deco style diamond earring. 
emerald diamond earrings
A forest green square emerald cradled with a fan of marquise diamonds.
bird jade earrings
Angelic 18K rose gold diamond doves lifting a pair of rare yellow sapphire skins
agate earrings
The unassuming agate reveals its true beauty when it is cut in half. We were lucky to find such beautiful finds. Simple adorned with little diamonds and sapphires.
earring jacket
Being the conscious consumer, our modern fashionista customer requested for 2 pairs of earring jackets which could be switched out and paired with other earrings!
earring jacket
The second pair of earring jackets with a simple 2 pearl earring. 
earring jacket
Here is another example of how the earring jacket can be paired giving each earring a fresh vibe and new look.
earring jacket
18KW Earring Jacket with Sapphires
tourmaline earrings
A pair of minty green tourmalines with a halo of diamonds.
colombian emerald diamond earrings
Glamorous round Colombian emeralds surrounded in a halo of diamonds.
emerald halo diamond earrings
Beautiful emeralds in a halo of diamonds
sapphire emerald diamond earrings
A dainty pair of earrings featuring lovely emeralds with a beautiful sapphire diamond setting.
tsavorite earring
A glamorous detachable tsavorite and diamond earring for two moods!
teal sapphire diamond earrings
A pair of sweet teal sapphires with a graduating halo diamond design.
pearl jade diamond earrings
A classic pairing of green jade and white South Sea Pearls, simple and elegant
classic yellow diamond studs with removable diamond halo jacket
Sparkling yellow diamonds with a removable diamond halo jacket.
yellow diamond studs
Yellow Diamonds in a classic four prong setting.
yellow sapphire diamond earrings
An adorable pair of sparkling yellow sapphires with a pair of white triangle diamonds!

rainbow tourmaline bracelet
A fun and casual rainbow bracelet made of coloured tourmalines.
blue sapphire bracelet
Glamour and sophistication in a bracelet.
rainbow bracelet
A blend of coloured stones on a simple bracelet.
asscher cut diamond bracelet
Fancy Asscher cut diamond tennis bracelet.
diamond bracelet
A simple diamond bracelet that delicately twinkles with every move.