Bespoke Engagement Rings

classic solitaire ring
Dazzling simply
heart diamond engagement ring
A heart diamond set with a pave diamond band.
heart diamond engagement ring
A lovely heart set with an intertwining pave diamond band.
Brilliant three carat oval diamond.
cushion diamond engagement ring
Sweet cushion diamond set on a prong set diamond band.
rose gold diamond ring
A round brilliant set in a rose gold channel set diamond band.
illusion set diamond rose gold ring
Set like a rose in bloom. A single diamond is set with an enhancing seat on a rose gold vine-like band.
engagement ring with initials
Hidden initials and a pawprint, thoughtful and sweet
classic tiffany engagement ring
A classic knife-edge band with 6 prongs.

Paraiba Diamond Engagement Ring
Glowing paraiba tourmaline
paraiba ring
Paraiba tourmaline with two pear shaped diamonds
Vintage paraiba diamond engagement ring
Asscher cut Paraiba tourmaline set on a vintage style diamond ring
paraiba diamond ring
Paraiba tourmaline on a diamond twist band.
paraiba engagement ring
Paraiba on a dainty diamond band.
padparadscha rose gold engagement ring
A beautiful pinkish orange padparadscha set between two pear shaped diamonds
sapphire rose gold ring
A sweet sapphire rose gold diamond ring
purple sapphire yellow gold engagement ring
Beautiful purple sapphire set in yellow gold
pink heart sapphire engagement ring
Sweet pink heart sapphire diamond ring.
Bezel set sapphire ring
Strong bezel set sapphire ring.
Pink Sapphire ColourStone Ring
Milgrain style pink sapphire colour stone ring
Dainty padparadscha diamond ring
padparadscha ring
A lovely Padparadscha set with mix gold leaves
A classic halo sapphire diamond ring for eternity
padparadscha diamond ring
A sweet Padparadscha diamond ring
teal sapphire set on mirrored diamond rope band
Lovely teal sapphire set on a mirrored diamond rope band.
sapphire diamond ring
Inspired by the Celtic Cross, this showstopper features a stunning blue sapphire surrounded with tapered baguettes, round diamonds and a duo type finish with their initials on each side of the band
yellow sapphire trilogy diamond ring
A stunning radiant yellow sapphire accompanied with two cadillac diamonds. 
Toi et moi engagement ring
A lovely toi et moi featuring a ruby and topaz.