Complimentary island wide delivery

Collector's Edition

A selected series of premium gemstones and jewelry pieces for the jewelry aficionado.
0.97CTS Round Brazilian Paraiba
2.73CTS Brazilian Paraiba
1.93CTS Brazilian Paraiba
6.49CTS Natural Tanzanite
3.12CTS Unheated Cornflower Sapphire
3.02CTS Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire
33.38CTS Amethyst
5.05CTS Unheated Yellow Sapphire
Emerald Pearl Rope Necklace
Elegant Moonstone Earrings
Multiwear Colombian Emerald Diamond Earrings
Rutilated Quartz Diamond Men's Ring
4.13CTS Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire
Black Jade Bangle
2.17CTS Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire
Jadeite Diamond Earrings
Classic Tanzanite Diamond Earrings