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5.31CTS Rhodolite Garnet
5.55CTS Rhodolite Garnet
2.73CTS Unheated Spinel
11.52CTS Vivid Green Muzo Emerald
0.78CTS Cobalt Heart Spinel
1.54CTS Unheated Violet Sapphire
2.41CTS Unheated Pair of Vivid Red Rubies
1.25CTS Unheated Lavender Sapphire
1.29CTS Unheated Pear Violet Sapphire Pair
1.22CTS Unheated Violet Sapphire Pair
4.025CTS Sapphire
0.97CTS Padparadscha
1.26CTS Unheated Padparadscha Pair
1.28CTS Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire
1.00CTS Unheated Padparadscha
3.65CTS Aquamarine Pair
4.66CTS Aquamarine Pair
6.49CTS Natural Tanzanite
5.30CTS Aquamarine Pair
4.91CTS Aquamarine Pair
4.92CTS Aquamarine Pair
3.46CTS Aquamarine Pair
3.64CTS Aquamarine Pair
4.16CTS Aquamarine Pair
3.32CTS Unheated Cabochon Burmese Blue Sapphire
0.85CTS Colombian Emerald
2.65CTS Unheated Vivid Yellow Sapphire
1.01CTS Unheated Blue Sapphire
1.45CTS Unheated Padparadscha
4.11CTS Intense Green Tsavorite