Sapphire Collection

A collection of Fine Jewellery containing precious Sapphires and Sapphire Gemstones
Unheated vivid pink sapphire 1.14ct
Unheated vivid pink sapphire 1.12ct
1.66CTS Unheated Padparadscha
Unheated Pink Sapphire 1.34ct
Unheated pink sapphire 1.27ct
2.3ct Unheated pink sapphire
Unheated 2.06ct Pink Sapphire
2.05ct Unheated Pink Sapphire
Unheated 1.97ct Pink Sapphire
Unheated 2.06CTS Vivid Pink Sapphire
Unheated 1.92ct Purple Sapphire
Unheated 2.15ct Violet Sapphire
1.49CTS Unheated Purplish Pink Sapphire
Unheated Pink Sapphire 0.79ct