Illusion Diamond Earrings

Illusion Diamond Earrings


 Expertly cut and designed for a seamless look, these diamond earrings use four marquise diamonds hugging a princess-cut diamond. A classic diamond stud with all the bling at a fraction of the cost! Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Small (5.8MM/0.70CTS Face): 2 Princess Diamond - 0.13CTS, 8 Marquise Diamonds - 0.28CTS

Medium (6.8MM/1.25CTS Face): 2 Princess Diamonds - 0.19CTS, 8 Marquise Diamonds - 0.55CTS

Large (8.5MM/2.5CTS Face): 2 Princess Diamonds - 0.53CTS, 8 Marquise Diamonds - 1.10CTS