Trapiche Emerald Diamond Ring

Trapiche Emerald Diamond Ring


18KW Trapiche Emerald Cat's Eye Diamond Ring 

This one-of-a-kind Trapiche Emerald Diamond Ring is crafted with one of the rarest gemstone types. Identified by its exquisite wheel pattern, the trapiche emerald features a hexagonal core and a 6-point radial pattern. Besides its unique look, what makes this stone even more special is the Chatoyancy or Cat's Eye phenomenon that appears when a light source touches it! 

Embracing the gemstone are tapered baguette diamonds matched to flow with it, creating a smooth heart look—an elegant addition to your jewellery collection that is both luxurious and unique.

1 Emeralds-4.50CTS

Tapered Diamonds-0.387CTS

Round Diamonds-0.105CTS

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