WKM Jewelry Cleaner - Spray

WKM Jewelry Cleaner - Spray


WKM Jewelry Cleaning Spray (100 ml.)

  • Suitable for large jewelry, including stainless steel watches
  • It can clean all precious jewelry whether it is your real ones or favorite ones as well as pearls.
  • You can clean your jewelry at your home easily without using Jewelry Cleaning Service at all.
  • Long lifespan and can be used until a cleaning solution emptied.

How to use

  1. Spray WKM Jewelry Cleaning Spray on the area of the jewelry to be cleaned directly.
  2. Use a soft brush to clean the niche of jewelry such as the back of the ring, or watchband.
  3. Rinse the jewelry with clean water and wipe until it is dry.

Cleaning Tips:

  • For gold watches or two-tone watches, you should use with WKM Silver & Gold Polishing Cloth to get rid of dull stains. the watchband will always look new, bright, and shiny.